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Thread: A member to avoid.

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    A member to avoid.

    Most members who ive purchased goods from on here are decent honest folk.

    Now I've had my fill of one member on here and am sick to the back teeth of his ******** and lies.

    In March I paid him £1600 for a pair of range finder Swarovski binoculars and paid by transfer. After 3 days he said he had not received the money so I told him he had a problem with his bank and should call them. After 10 mins he text and said yes money is here but im too busy to post and don't want to meet anyone to pick up as im too busy but can post in 2 days time.

    3 days later I get a text saying his mum has died and he's gone to Yorkshire to sort out the funeral etc and will be home in 2 weeks. I am a decent chap ( too stupid probably ) and gave him the benefit of the doubt. After the 2 weeks was up he calls and says he is staying up there and wont be coming back to live in Sussex ( weird, what about your possessions and guns etc) but his son will pick the bins up from the house and meet me in Midhurst to collect.

    10 days and not heard a drop from the son I get a tad annoyed and call the chap and he responds by text asking me to call later on. When I do he tells me his house has been broken into and the binos stolen but do not worry I will get a full refund within 2 days.

    Anyway of course you can imagine I don't get a refund but a pack of cack about how he's changed banks and they want 4 weeks to move his finances across and I cant have any money till then. I ask for the insurance co to give me the cheque for the stolen bins but don't get a reply.

    4 weeks go by and surprise still no money so I try calling and end up with a text saying Halifax have made a technical fault and will take another 3 weeks to sort.

    And here we are after 3 months, loads of lies and he tells me he has transferred me my money on Saturday and will take max of 24 hours to return. No money arrives and whilst he's at the airport ( or says he is) he texts and says the money has been returned to him as theres a fault but cant do anything as he's off on a 3 week holiday to Greece ( paid by me).

    So the moral of the story is don't trust anyone and DEREK ANDERSON ( SAKOWSM) from Midhurst, Sussex you have lied non stop to me and think if you had a drop of dignity you would have paid me and I will pursue you through a CCJ .
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    very bad form ! have you called the police?

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    Ouch! That is a lot of Wonga!
    Sounds like you have a lot of evidence though which I hope you have kept? Most should be traceable back to him. I'm guessing the police would have enough there to press charges for fraud?
    That would be my next move - for advice if nothing else. Good luck mate.

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    go to the police mate. i would take a trip down to his address also just to see if he still lives there.

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    What a mess... Account under Review and not surprised. Theft by any other name, pure and simple

    Hope you get this sorted chap

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    I just cant believe there are people like this about. I run a small business and this has messed me about no end.
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    I'm shocked!!!...

    Derek seemed a decent bloke when I bought from him, nothing like the sum involved here but nonetheless he seemed genuine enough.
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    I'm not sure if the police would do anything but, I would certainly report it as a crime.

    Very bad form.
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    Been to his address and there was a resident but not him ( unless he's a even better liar than I thought). Says he's moved to Barnsley.

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