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Thread: Chesapeake Stud (proven).

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    Chesapeake Stud (proven).

    Chesapeake Bay Retriever at stud... Well proven with a muscular physique and good working lines.
    Off Kenmillix King of Scicily... Already sired a litter off Clanrobbo and my junior has already won 3 prestigious shows and he will go further.
    Central Scotland.

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    this is a top dog its parents are (were) top class workers you wont be disapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks Sika, he is a credit to his parents and can work all day long and a spate river is no test for him.

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    Pups due from my dog 21 July....

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    i had one for fowling best waterdog i ever had,she could punch the tide no problems even in mid winter

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    thanks rd that was like a flash back to the both of us out on the fleet but sadly inc the day she was no longer by my side

    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    They can do this all day... The story behind | riverrunchesapeakes

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    Give your pal a hug every day....
    Just like a snowflake that falls upon my river, here for a moment then gone forever.

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    I had over 40 folks asking about my 3 Chessies at Scone on Sunday and one young family that lost their pup at 6 months old...i hope anyone reading these posts will consider the CBR as their next companion.

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