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Thread: Seeland Cotterhill Jacket

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    Seeland Cotterhill Jacket


    Has anyone any experiance of the Seeland Cotterhill Jacket, i have just found one for 75 reduced from 150 at my local agricultural store.

    looks just the job for stalking, silent etc but can't find any reviews on the web.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?



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    I bought one and I'm happy with it.

    It's got more than enough secure pockets to forget where you stashed all your keys, wallet, spare rounds etc. The liner comes out and reverses to use as a body warmer (or a Gilet as the wife keeps telling me is the proper name for it). It's also comfy round the neck - I often find the zips/velcros on jackets iritate the hell out of me when I'm trying to bury my chin in to the collar when it's raining.

    All in all I'm happy with it and can't fault it at the price. So far it as proved waterproof.

    I think that particular jacket is exclusive to this store if I remember what the blurb on the label said.

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    Chees Mel

    I bought it anyway, i'll just take the tags off and get it dirty now.

    Thanks, always nice to have a positive review!

    Don'r suppose you know of any keenly priced trousers now do you??


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    I bought a pair of lightweight summer realtree camo trousers with air holes in them when I was out in Florida from the Bass Pro shop's bargain bucket (about $10 as I recall).

    I got them a few sizes larger than what I needed so I can slip them over whatever I'm wearing at the time. I normally wear a pair of zip off easy drying hiking trousers under them and keep all my valuables in the zip pockets on those.

    They're just large enough to put a pair of gortex trousers on as a middle layer on those really wet days and they stop the usual gortex russle when moving around.

    My little system seems to work well because I can adapt it for all year round using the same pair of camo trousers. They're also so light they are easy to wash and quick drying.

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    Air holes EH!, I had some trousers with air holes in em, the Galloway midges found their way in in two minutes flat , got the missus to darn em up!

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