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Thread: anyone in Dumfries

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    anyone in Dumfries

    hi guys this is not really stalking but my nephew is getting married at Comlongon 14th dec when he is home from Afgan and his yorkshire friends are up to the wedding they are all shooting nuts shoot beaters/keepers etc hence monday wedding. does anyone know if a morning goose flight can be bought for the lads?

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    Might be worth trying Griff. I dont know that he does anyone but he really knows loads of folk up there

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    Stay away from a company called Wild Tides, near powfoot. it's not the time or the place to discuss it here but I wouldn't go near them again if they were giving away free money.


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    Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve offer goose shooting
    ring Basc for the number, or ask them if they can reccomend a guide in that area.

    Lot of cowboys out there that will take your money and the possibility of you losing your ticket.


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    Browell Sporting, a chap called Steve. He frequents the Pub in Clarencefield. The pub has accomodation behind it and they cater for Goose Shooters - late breakfast!

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    bloody site, jist typed a long winded reply took me ages and lost it.
    as a guide davie cambell is a good fella we get our poults off him and has a good rep, could prob fixz u a walk/rough or mini driven day or 1/2 day.he is the club sec? or something for vthe north solway club too. also stays next door to comlongen hotel.

    if ur more experienced and want to go it alone u can shoot anywhere below the high tide mark for free, but various local acess rules to get there. also various no shoot zones. u can shoot on the nnr but need a permit which u apply for off snh, think it costs a nominal fee, either price of stamp or 1 cannae quite remeber.
    hope that herlps, if u want davies no either pm me or jist speak to the hotel they will ken him.

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    thanks guys will check these out should find something now

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    jist a bit of advice about the hotel, a few mates were there at a wedding 3 or 4 years ago the only thing that spoiled a great nite was price of drink, i'm sure it was about 3.50 a pint when most local pubs would have been well below the 2 quid mark. make sure u take a bottle/hip flask with u and keep filing it frae ur room. bit dear for us local boys, plus u ken wot they say about us being tight.

    its a cracking hotel thou and the bit were u get married, the old tower is amazing wi all the armour and that. its like stepping back in time to braveheart or something. jist take a big carryout wi u

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