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Thread: First Fox with Photon

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    First Fox with Photon

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    I'd been after a couple of foxes for a while now, if I put a lamp near them or any kind of they are off like greyhounds across the fields. So my plan was to bait up around 100yds with cat food. They started to feed on it around midnight, so I waited for a windy night, lay in a ditch at around 1030 and waited. Around 12ish in they came. I took the first one Saturday night and the second on Sunday night. The Photon is justifying the cost already!

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    Well done gunner ...What's your overall thoughts on the unit ?

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    Hw60sniper, the quality is very good,i was supprised for NV of this price ,i zeroed the scope in the day the picture was a bit grainey but fine to zero at a 100yds, at night i could watch hedgehogs at 175yds ,i did find the IR wase'nt very good at distance,but fitted with the NM800 the picture was very good,it's a very white picture as the PS22 i use is a lot greener,i haven't had the need to use the illuminated dot as the view was so bright yet ,my only criticism is the dot in the middle of the crosshairs could be a lot smaller ,its well ballanced on the gun and i think its well worth the money

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    Cheers for the reply Gunner ,was going to order 1 but with the hold ups etc I thought of hang of for some feed back from users like yourself . I hope you have plenty success with it

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    Hi Gunner, glad you hear you are getting on well.

    Another customer sent in a review today which you can read here.

    Yukon Photon 5x42 Night Vision Review

    Best Regards


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    Thanks Paul,i had a dog and vixen last night with it,yep it works very well.

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