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    knife makeing

    Has any one tried to make a blade out of a used diamond saw blade as i am about to give it a go .I have marked the out line out on the metal and am going to get a friend who has access to a plasma cutter to rough it out for me .If any one has any tips or ideas please let me know as this will be my first home made blade .


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    Depends on what steel it is made from, i am not familiar with it. If it is not carbon steel then it can still be used as is but you cannot temper it easily and it may be brittle. Old circular saw blades are generally made of L6 steel and are excellent if heat treated properly.

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    Thanks Matt

    the quality of the steel is one of my main worries as it may be to hard to work or as you say be brittle ? as i do not know what type of steel it is or its carbon content and i do not want to spend a lot of time on it to find out that it has being in vain !!


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    There is a test you can do on unknown steel. If you can take a piece, heat it to non-magnetic (cherry red) and quench, then stick it in a vice and with gloves and eye protection hit it with a hammer. If it breaks nice and clean it should make a good blade.
    Alternatively you can use old files or new O1 tool steel is quite reasonable to buy.

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    try an old car leaf spring if you want cheap steel, the lads who make kukris use them and they seem fairly effective in the right hands

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    If it is too hard to work first, you can temper it, work it and then harden again. Here is another site which may be of use:

    Let us know how you get on.


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    Plus one on the truck leaf springs

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