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Thread: 40mm or 50mm?

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    40mm or 50mm?

    What are members thoughts on the best objective size for a scope for woodland highseat shooting?
    Average range up to 100 yrds
    Im possibly looking at a redfield 3-9x50

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    Depends if you are shooting from dawn or straight up to dusk or just during normal day light hours.

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    a good 6x42/44 will outshine an average 3-9x50

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    +1 to that!

    The old advice to spend twice as much on glass as gun seems still to apply.

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    As much as I love Redfield scopes of 70's vintage for their aesthetics, neither they nor the latest offerings come close to a 6X40 from any of the German top brands of similar age in terms of image quality.

    Save a little more and buy a second-hand 4 or 6 power Swaro, S&B, H&R, Khales or Zeiss.


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    Or a Pecar Champion 6x45 - still as good optically, twice as robust and about half the price of the "usual suspects"!

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    if you find a second hand 8x56 s&B it would be spot on for your requirement

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    Tis hard to beat a good 6x42 for general woodland stalking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Tis hard to beat a good 6x42 for general woodland stalking.
    I'm with Brithunter ! 6x42 is just as good as 8x50 or 8x56 for UK woodlands

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