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Thread: Game Tags.

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    Game Tags.

    As above, what do people use to list thier ID number and information?

    I use gamedealer pre printed tags where all you do is fill in date, location, species, sex and your ID number.

    Otherwise I think you can get them from BASC or NGO.

    Be interesting to hear what other stalkers use.

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    I use the same as you if it is the sticky backed variety,

    Fill them out stick them on one of the rear legs job done

    But i find the game dealers are not interested at all, i know one that replaces mine with his

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    My Game Dealer has known me for several years so is not too much bothered but the Inspectors that are always hanging around his place are always on the ball and pounce on any truck that turns up.
    When I say not too much bothered, I mean he doesn't immediately start looking for my tag (like the Inspectors) probably because he knows I always put them on anyway.
    I must say tho' that on a few occassions when I have been pounced on, I have been praised for the standard of cleanliness of the carcasses that I have delivered, but I still get paid the same

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    It's a legal requirement to attach a tag, and the NGO variant has correct wording and sub-headings for completion; very easy to use too.

    Never been praised, and not looking for it, but equally never had one turned back...

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    I tag over 500 deer a year using tags printed on a sheet of labels in a normal office printer. I have two sheets, one with the declaration on and one with the sex/date/ect. I stick these back to back onto a tie-on parcel tag then tie this on the beast. May sound like a lot of work but it only takes a few seconds. The NGO type tags are fine if you are only doing one or two deer but work out pretty expensive if you are doing any number. JC

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