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Thread: What magnification

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    What magnification

    Hi all. I'm in the market for a pair of binos and am trying to get the most appropriate magnification. Do most of you prefer 8x or 10x? Will be used for everything but mostly lowland & woodland work.

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    What power are you using on your scope then go as close to that so when changing from bino's to scope your eye's will not take long to adjust .I use 10 x 42 slc for looking out on large clearfell area's scope nikko sterling diamond set at 8 or 10 power
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    Its a variable power scope but I spend much more time looking through the binos and want to get the right pair. Erring towards 8x....

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    I find too much wobble on x10 so prefer the x8 as I can handle it better holding "free".


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    I've got 10x and use my sticks to support the binos when stalking, or something else solid when sat up. Pretty much never "freehand"

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    I have used 7x42 Swaro porro prism, rubber armoured binoculars for general woodland and farmland stalking, for more than ten years. They are more than adequate for almost all situations that I experience and very bright at first and last light. When I am looking at a group of Fallow a couple of large fields away, then 7 magnification is not sufficient to identify whether there are any Prickets amongst the Does.
    You can still buy Swaro porro prisms brand new for approx £800 depending upon size. They are excellent value for money, lightweight and tough but 'old fashioned'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery View Post

    I find too much wobble on x10 so prefer the x8 as I can handle it better holding "free".

    ​I'd agree with that....I bought a pair of 10x42's, and found the, my next pair will be 8x42's....

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    Opted for 8x42, good enough field of view and not too much wobble to use freehand.

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    7 or 8X56 but if more make sure you have a long stick/staff for woodland deployment. I have a pair 10 - 15X50's and can assure you a stick makes all the difference.


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