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Thread: Hay making

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    Hay making

    Oh Joy! there cutting grasss for hay so we have more than 36hrs to get about. Mobile was hot yesterday afternoon, very friendly tractor driver. Anyway out by 8pm, turn up at local farm, tiny 5 acre field of grass cut behind farm buildings, v difficult as houses in close proximity.

    As I pull into yard I can see a fox coming up beside the sheep wire fence , mad rush to get out rifle, and in the milliseconds it takes to get and load fox has gone. Wind not good. Hearts pounding. So quick move around building to gate on corner. Nothing except maggies everywhere. Its a big crop so very difficult to see. Nothing, no bins left them in motor. Then glimps of red at bottom of field followed by procession of black and whites. Fox gets to bottom of field and then starts to come arround field. I get into position on gate post, going to be a pig of a shot minimal safe backstop, however if foxy comes into the dip its on. I keep getting glimpses as she moves though the swath and then into the dip, goes broadside cross on shoulder and whack, end of foxy. Turned out to be a well dry small vixen at about 80yds.

    Good start to the evenings foray.


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    I wish they'd get on with some mowing down here so I can get at some rabbits, otherwise my ferrets will soon be on biscuit and dog food rations.

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    We'd usually have ours cut by now, fathers been on another farm cutting all day today and doing ours tomorrow. Will be out foxing next few evenings!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    we only do a small amount, wont be cutting for another 3-4 weeks yet. fingers crossed though

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    Nice one!

    I just gained another 700 acres this morning - the best bit being that it's adjacent to several other permissions, so will make access to several spots a lot easier. While I was being driven around to see it this morning, I couldn't help but notice that the tractors were out cutting the grass...

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