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Thread: Brand New Beretta 686 E 12 bore over and under 30"

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    Brand New Beretta 686 E 12 bore over and under 30"

    Hi All

    I have for sale a brand new Beretta 686 E 30" Sporter multi choke
    This shotgun was brought 3 years ago brand new, and has never been used, (Not one shot has gone through this )
    There is one mark on the stock where it has been put in the safe. This is why it is up for sale, before it is marked any more as there is not a lot of room in the safe. I have been told you can get this out with a iron and a wet cloth. I'm not going to try this as I don't want to make it worse. And I have never tried this before, So not prepared to risk it.
    comes with the plastic case and everything you get with it from new.
    choke key
    spear but pad.
    This type of shotgun goes out for about 1,700 New

    I'm looking for 1.400
    RFD costs + P&P
    that's 300 saving for a mark that you should be able to get out.

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    Where abouts are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1white2011 View Post
    Where abouts are you?

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    This is a brand new shotgun never been fired.

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