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    7mm 08

    I've just bought a sako 75 in 7mm08 does any one have any favourite homeloads using Sierra 140gn game kings?

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    Sako 75 - 7mm-08

    No reloading data for you I'm afraid. Just a question - is the 75 new or secondhand? I enquired with GMK in Nov/Dec and they said there were no new Sako 75 7mm-08 available either in the UK or Finland.

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    I have the reloading book for the 7mm08, let me know what powder you want to use, in a pm and I can copy and post it to you.

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    Highlander, sorry the rifle was secondhand.

    bobt, thanks for the offer but I have reloading data for various bullets/powder combo's. I guess I'm really just looking for a short cut for an accuurate load withouth having to try all the testing.

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    ahh, what works well in my tikka may not work in your sako ,sorry.

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    bobt I realise that but it wouild have been a starting point and cut out some expense.

    Cheers Andrew

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    My favourite at the minute is speer 145 gr spitzer and 49 gr of r 19. book velocity of 2850

    i have also used 130 gr speer spitzer and 42 gr of N140 book velocity close to 3000

    the 145 is the most accurate

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    What sort of velocity can you get out of the 7mm -08 case with the 175 gn bullets? Does it have enough case capacity to push them at meaningful velocities or are you down around 2,300fps area.

    Many thanks

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    sorry - my last post should have been on 7mm-08 heavy bullets topic.

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