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Thread: Mini Torch

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    Mini Torch

    Hi Guys,

    Can some recommend me a mini torch...What it is, I was once stuck in the forest and it was past midnight, I had walk out of there...I didn't have a torch so I pulled out my phone but the battery was dying so that didn't last long ( plus my phone didn't have a light, I was using the screen light)..needless to say I was quite scared..I would jump out of my skin at every sound and crackle....So I am wanting to buy a torch, something small enough that I can attach to my key ring but has enough power to give me a good spill and throw of light. Any recommendations?

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    I bought a cheap LED one from my local petrol station 2 years ago and its still going strong! I think it only cost me a couple of quid too

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    Funny how you can be in the dark, carrying a rifle big enough to kill an elephant, and still you jump at the slightest sound.

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    nah I wasn't carrying a rifle, I don't have firearms at all...My car went into the ditch, so had to abandon it and walk.

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    I had a duracell voyager 15 lumens bulb torch, the ones that you can buy at argos, took it out to the woods to see how it would was useless...In addition to it being oversize.

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    I was thinking of the Olight S10 320lumens...anyone have any experience with it in the woods? or other such similar type of lights?

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    If you want the best buy a Zebralight - expensive but faultless: Zebralight Head Lamps and Torches-

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    ^Thanks for the reply, will look into it.

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    I got a tiny little wind-up torch. About as big as a matchbox. Handy thing to keep in jacket pocket. Bit noisy when winding, but ok if you just want to see where to put your feet on the way back to the car. At least the batteries won't go flat!

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    Get one of these for 10 from tesco
    seriously good torch. Believe me i have used one for a long while for checking inmates through locked doors so i know the value of a reliable torch! It has never let me down, very strong beam and batteries last for ages.

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