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Thread: Hungarian wire haired vizsla

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    Hungarian wire haired vizsla

    OK as well as the clumber i have been looking into acquiring a wire hair viz. spoken to a lot of people on the phone some of whom had litters but the timing is not quite right for us as yet as we are making some major changes at home and i needed to sell the springers litters i had.

    after a lot of talking to people i have found a breeder in north York's
    Roy Beddington "gonegos Hungarian vizsla"
    hes has two bitches coming into season before the end of this year so i have reserved a bitch pup. the timing should work out nice for me as it would mean a new pup at the start of the year. when all the upheaval at home is sorted i will be able to spend some time on the pup. i am looking forward to it. has any one any help or advise on training?
    have any of you had any dealings with Roy he is a decent chap i met him last week and he has invited me out to see the dogs working.

    so we shall see how we go
    Thanks to all those i have already spoken to for all the help and advise

    ATB ash

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    I called him as part of my search for a Vizsla. Really nice bloke and really helpfull.

    However, I PERSONALLY did not like that he did not have his dogs docked anymore.

    My local docking vet is 45 minutes drive away, but when I have a litter I still have them done.

    If it started out as a docked working dog and they are intended to be sold as working dogs. I am a bit old fashioned and think you should make the effort to get them docked.


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    I agree with that. When i got my bitch from scotland 2 years ago she wearnt docked dew to the new law i had to wate till she was 6 month old to have her docked at the cost of 250 shuld bee done at 3 days old quick and pianless and trouble for free rest of ther lives insted of vet bills for split tails...... Neil...

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    roy bebbington

    good guy, took him out shooting on the moor a few years ago, his dogs were first class, pointed fur and feather in good style
    id not move at the shot.
    It is a dog i would love to buy / train
    If you are talking to him remind him of his day next to derwent reservior

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    Should'nt have any trouble making the furniture for it Ash!

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Should'nt have any trouble making the furniture for it Ash!
    it already has a nice Winchester chair in the kennel what other furniture should i get it may be a nice Victorian wash stand

    had a phone call from the breeder to day mum is in season and i have been pushed up the list for first pick on the bitches due in march

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