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Thread: .22 moderator recommendations

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    .22 moderator recommendations


    Can anyone recommend a good sound moderator for an Anschutz .22 rimfire?

    It's a 1416 with full-length barrel, so I was thinking that an over-barrel (reflex) design would help to reduce the overall length of the setup, as well as keeping the proportions nice.

    Grateful for any suggestions or recommendations. Guide prices would also be useful; ideally I'd like something in the sub-100 bracket.


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    SAK, about 34. Use it on a Mauser 201 with CCI HP segmenting subsonics. Works exceptionally well.
    I have a Wildcat Whisperer (reflex) on the 17HMR, which is an Anschutz 1517; think this comes in .22LR also but nearer the 150 mark.
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    Can't go wrong with a SAK,
    I have not had good experiences with the P&H ones so would not advise one of these.
    SAK are great value and work well on both my .22 Anschultz and .CZ.17HMR

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    Really no point in looking beyond a SAK.

    Maybe not the absolute best in terms of sound reduction, but absolutely cannot be beaten for value-for-money.

    With subsonics, you really only hear the pin hit the cartridge and the thump when the round hits home.

    I have been bunny shooting on golf courses during daylight, and the golfers have commented on what a quiet air rifle I have!

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    got a logun one on mine. very good

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    I've a SAK that's great for the money or a Wildcat reflex mod that's good but costs a lot more but SH got it for 100 and does not add to much to the barrel length.

    Only problem is I shortened my 22 now the wildcat won't fit because it touches my stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshwarrior View Post

    Only problem is I shortened my 22 now the wildcat won't fit because it touches my stock.
    Been there and done that, ended up cutting the stock down
    Now using a small Pes muzzle can, expensive and no better than a sac, but as rifle is threaded M15x1 I had to have the moderator re-threaded
    to suit, and I wan't going to waste the money on doing that to a sac.


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    SAK noticeably quieter than Parker hale?

    I've got an old Parker hale on a 10/22 - it seems fairly quiet but would I notice a difference with the SAK? I would be happy with a simpler design as cleaning the Parkerhale is a bit of a faff!

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    I can recommend a Swift Precision made by Richard Pope - nice and light, semi-over barrel, strippable, well-made. Got it on the 17Mach2 barrel fitted to my Finnfire by Richard and it's really quiet behind the rifle.... certainly quieter than the report from the Ase Utra on the 17HMR.... so it would be ideal for .22 subs. Not sure on the price though as we did a deal on some Finnfire spares.

    When the F'fire is wearing it's .22 barrel I use a Sirocco SM2 but this is an 'on the end' design. This came out best on grouping with Eley subs against a good old Parker Hale, an SAK and the HMR's Ase Utra.

    's me.



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