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Thread: Immaculate .308 Mauser for sale

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    Immaculate .308 Mauser for sale

    I am reluctantly selling my Mauser .308 lightweight rifle by FN / Browning. The gun has seen very little use all the blued action, bolt and barrel are mint. Woodwork is like new as well. It has a very lightweight barrel. It has mounts rings and an Edgar Bros Optima 8, 6x42 Scope. The optics could be better, but they work fine. It has a butt pad and recoil is minimal.
    All in all a lovely quality built rifle priced to sell at 295. No viewer would be dissapointed.
    Please call John on 07836 525 330

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    Any pictures? deerwarden

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    I have had a few people ask, so I will try and put some on in the next 24 hrs. A local RFD has offered to sell it for me for a good price, but I'll get the pics out first.
    I don't really want to sell, but I need the space in the cabinet !

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    I'm not getting much success in uploading these photos. Please email and I will send photos by return. Thanks.[/img][/url]

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    I have now taken the Rifle to my local dealer, who really wanted to sell it for me SOR. Mainly, it was the time factor and needing the space.
    If you are interested, I can send you pics by return if you email me. I can also get you a substantial discount on the price.

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