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Thread: Rifle Scope, Leupold/Bushnell elite

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    Rifle Scope, Leupold/Bushnell elite

    Hi All

    I've got a new Tikka paid for and on the way on special order (could take up to six months ). So ive got this time to find a decent scope to go with it.

    Im looking to use it mainly on the range but also to do a lot of foxing with as it is replacing my current foxing rig! I need a scope with tactical turrets and upto around 20x zoom

    I'd like something like a leupold MK 4 or a bushnell elite 6500. Ive got around 400 quid to spend so what have you got?

    Would rather pick the scope up than post so i can see the quality of it in person. I work around the majority of the midlands and go as far north as Stockton on tees.

    Thanks All :-)


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    The Mk4 in the classifieds is where i would spend my money , only 14 mag but for the money you cant go wrong , and for your budget i would say a mk4 upto 20mag might be stretching it ,

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    I can appreciate what you are saying. I have looked at the one in the classified but it looks as it its been knocked about. Like i say i've got 6 months so i am sure something will come along. If the right Scope is available i might be able to stretch my budget a bit (as long as the Mrs doesn't find out! haha).

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    Firsty I'm not selling a scope but -

    I have a Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x50 with the BTR Mil Ret on my .204 -- they're excellent IF you can find 1 !!!

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    Still looking!- What have you got?

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