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Thread: Redfield revolution scope

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    Redfield revolution scope

    After one of these folks as I'm on a budget! Must have the duplex ret and be 50mm objective long shot I know!! Just trying to save a few pennies please pm me if you have one your thinking of parting with. Thankyou


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomm View Post
    Have a40mm?
    Thanks for the offer Tomm but after a 50mm how do you find the scope in general and you can be honest!


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    its ok, better than the likes of mtc but obviousley its not a patch on ziess etc

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    Not sure of the price point for the Redfield mentioned but as per a similar thread why fixate on a "50mm" middle road scope when you might find a second-hand German high end 40+mm that would still deliver stunning low light properties and image quality?

    Just a suggestion.


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    Thanks maybe something to consider.

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    There's one advertised elsewhere, sent you a pm

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    save a bit longer and get a better scope,

    had one and they are nout to shout about at dusk. (leupold took over this fine company and it shows )

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