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Thread: America (west coast) advice

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    America (west coast) advice

    Hi Guys,

    A friend and I are embarking on a road trip down the west coast of America this summer and fancy playing with a host of toys that we can't this side of the pond.

    As we're still technically students (in between undergraduate and masters) and travelling on a budget I don't think we can fit in any actual 'hunting', but has anyone got any recommendations where we can get super trigger happy along the way?

    Here's our route:

    Any advice much appreciated.


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    I toured the west coast as part of a large group but we did alot of camping/climbing and visited a few of the National Parks which I would highly recommend if its not too much of a diversion. Yellowstone is a must for the wildlife! In Vegas there are loads of bill boards advertising shooting ranges (they even had advertisements on the side of taxis/cabs for gun shooting). You go to a range, pay a relatively small fee and pull the trigger to your hearts content using mp5s, pistols, AK47's etc etc.

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    Agree, Vegas is probably your best bet. Check out
    If you are going through Oregon, check out
    Lots of pig/hog hunting in California - google will be your friend for that.
    There is a big shooting range/school in Sacramento
    Good trout fishing in the Sierras too...

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    any one no of anything in LA where we can have a go on a range, have some none shooting friends that fancy trying it out there

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    Google "Indoor Shooting Ranges, Los Angeles, California" and see what pops up. You are aware that you are wanting to get trigger-time in one of the most NON gun friendly States in the US, right? Was stationed in CA. Moved back to Montana and never looked back**~Muir

    **Well, not to California, but there are the most beautiful women in Baja Mexico!! I think of them often.

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    Thanks a lot, looks like it's probably Vegas then but will check out the one in Oregon first. A couple of national parks a definitely on the list with Olympia being the foremost.


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