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Thread: Post your African taxidermy mounts.

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    Post your African taxidermy mounts.

    We see many trophy pics in the field and can admire the beast of the chase and the successful hunter after the animal has been retrieved but we see relatively few photos of those animals when they have made it back from Africa.

    Therefore, those of you who have shot a decent animal and have had it mounted, please can we see the final result as it hangs on your wall or stands on your pedestal please?

    Also, it would be useful to know which taxidermists you used and what their costs were like over there and also here, how much did it cost you for shipping mounted trophies back home vs shipping skulls and capes to get mounted in the U.K..

    As I am planning a trip myself I would like as much information from those who have gone before so I can weigh up the costs involved and see the quality of African taxidermy.

    No doubt there are fine taxidermists in Africa but I am dubious after seeing warehouses full of skulls, heaps of capes seemingly piled in random heaps and the whole factory conveyor belt process involved dealing with high volume taxidermy. I just can't see how each animal would have the care and attention lavished on it that it deserves when they are being processed in such high numbers.

    Obviously I am interested in the costs involved. Yes, taxidermy might be cheaper over there but shipping the final mounts back will be higher than just the skulls and capes to get mounted here where the costs will be higher. Six of one, half a dozen of another, I'm trying to get as much information as possible to make the best informed decision.

    Please give me and others with the same question your opinions based on experience.
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    having been to africa and seen a very large taxidermists workshop i chose just to have skins and european skull mounts back , there was row upon row of trophies ready for shipping and every example of each species looked exactly the same apart from diff length horns etc, i think there is a difference between commercial work and individual private work and sometimes it all depends how much money you want to spend ? just like you i saw piles of skins and i will be very interested to see if for example my zebra skin when it arrives and to see if it is the one i actually shot ?
    ​regards andy

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwd View Post
    i will be very interested to see if for example my zebra skin when it arrives and to see if it is the one i actually shot ?
    Thanks for your reply Andy. That again is another concern.
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    Im going to SA for my 1st safari in Sept. and i am just having skins and skulls done. I looked at the cost of having taxidermy work done but when you add up the cost of all involved you could go on another hunting trip instead! Having said that im sure some mounted African animals on the wall would look very good, but just just depends on each individuals funds available.


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    its not just the cost of mounting its also the cost of shipping everything back , 8 of us hunted africa last year and we just had our shipping bill over $6000 !!!!! the shoulder mounted giraffe didnt help things though ha ha
    ​regards andy

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    Anyone willing to post their African taxidermy?
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    I have dealt with a great many trophies over the years, apart from stalking I was trained as a Taxidermist by the old Curator of the Powell - Cotton Museum who was there for over 40 years, and I have cleaned skeletons of about every species of big game to walk the earth of Africa, including Giant Sable, Addax, Hunters Hartebeest all of which you cannot hunt today. I have also mounted full Lion and Leopard plus many shoulder mounts in the past.

    shipping by air freight or surface mounted (i.e. shoulder mount or whole mount ) trophies back from Africa has always been expensive, once the size of the box is over 60" it goes by volume, not weight. Plus it will knock a hole in your pocket.

    If you have them mounted over in the UK there are some very good Taxidermists, however they will be more expensive than African companies, but then you can get your mounts done one at a time if needs be and at least you can see what your getting. Plus the cost of the freight with just dried capes saves you money that will go towards the cost of mounting over here. In Africa there are also some good taxidermists, but you have to pay for the whole consignment in one go, plus the cost of freight, which with a shoulder mount Kudu for instance is going to be expensive.

    If you are having rugs done, especially Zebra, get it done in Africa, there are NO COMPANIES tanning in this country and even more so Zebra skins which have a shell type muscle layer down the middle of the back and if not tanned properly and shaved down you will have a tent in the middle of your floor!

    Be careful though and check out the taxidermist company being used in Africa, some years back some unscrupulous companies in Africa were spraying neat formaldehyde on clients trophy skins and ruining them, as you cannot relax the skin and rehydrate it after they have done this, most of them were from Zimbabwe and I think were deliberately doing it because they were loosing work to the UK. But as I said this was some years ago.

    Also when they salt your trophies make sure they use good salt, not brown rock salt. This stuff has a lot of iodine in it and that will also bugger up the skin, and will not cure it so well as good white salt, which may result in slipping on the skin.

    If you need any advice or help drop me a PM or give me a call on my mobile.

    If you look back through the taxidermy thread to "Thinking of starting taxidermy" you will see my Nyala I mounted in 1997 after coming back from my Zululand trip of 1996.


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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	151.JPG 
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ID:	29805Bushbuck taken in the eastern cape, work was by karl human taxidermy, i think it cost $350, we also had bushpig shoulder mount ,impala shoulder mount,mountain reedbuck shoulder mount,and lots of skins and skull mounts, the killer is shipping and tax this side ,courier that delivered was rainbow frieght,all the best graeme

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    Have a look here,, been to South Africa and Namibia and have used the taxidermists in Africa recommended by the outfits we went with both times, South Africa was Karoo Taxidermy in the Eastern Cape and in Namibia it was Retoma Taxidery in Outjo.
    I was very happy with the mounts on both occasions, and i am very confident that the animals i shot were the ones that came back, i take a lot of pictures, even the Mountain Zebra i shot in Namibia was the same one in the pictures although it was shoulder mounted, although they are mass produced in African taxidermist there are doing a lot so get good at them.


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    ....shoulder mounts of Mountain Reedbuck, Springbok, Impala & Blesbok, plus skull mount of my Red Hartebeest from my trip to SA a few years ago.

    I had my hides/horns shipped back and my mounts done by Andy Denson of Padiham, nr Blackburn. His website is and has his prices on - I'm very happy with the work that he's done for me!

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