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Thread: Couriers for large items?

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    Couriers for large items?

    Could anyone recommend me a good, cheap courier company that will pick up larger items, in particular freezers.

    I need a new one to store my venison in and there are a few good deals on ebay just now but all down in Englandshire and too far to travel to collect.



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    ​I have used this arrangement several times with complete satisfaction.

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    shipley is about your only option but the downside is you have to buy one before you can work out if you can move it cheaply. Basically you'll only get it done as a backload cheaply but it may not be that cheap, because you can't really palletise them there is no conventional overnight courier that will take them cheaply. The best option is factor in spending a bit more and buy locally

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    Sorry to be contradictory, but Shiply allows you to get quotes for delivery before you even bid.

    Just cut & paste the item number into the request quotes page.

    Incidentally, I have no interest in Shiply other than as a satisfied customer.

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    If you are thinking of bidding on ebay just enter the item number into Shiply and see what quotes you get back. I've done it once and it worked fine.

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    WHERE in Englandshire?

    I know folk with big cars that live sarf of the wall yet work in Aberdeen...

    It may be possible to have such things picked up & brought up that way

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