Please help me just getting a basic understanding of how things work inthe UK?

I'm interested to know a bit more, well just because in a very general way I too am something like a "stalker" on a large private estate in South Africa.

Many (most) large private estates does have some game resident on the property. My understanding is that a "Stalker" is the guy appointed by the estate owner to help manage the game on the estate? But please give some more insight: Does a stalker always or generally work for the estate owner? What are his typical responsibilities? In relative terms, how well does the typical stalker do financially? Who does the advertizing for hunting opportunities?What qualifies one to be appointed as a stalker in the first instance? How sought after is the typical stalker's job?

If there is someone that knows of a good book or a link to an Internet web site that gives accurate info on the stalker/estate owner/wild animals interactions, please provide that.

Thanks for any help.

Andrew McLaren