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Thread: Rifle Bench Rest

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    Rifle Bench Rest

    Hi Lads/Lassies. Can anyone reccomend a rest for zeroing and rifle cleaning. I usually zero on my Black & Deadly with Caldwell bags, but am looking for a rig to do both the above. Looked at Deben and Cauldwell Lead rest. but (apart from cost) neither seems to be ideal.

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    I've had the Outers Varminter Rifle rest advertised for a few days and I am not far from you, you could have saved on postage if you'd been quicker.
    Mine is now packed and ready to send to someone that was quicker than you

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    Make one...

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    Smashing bench JB, but its not a rifle rest .
    A mate has bought a Caldwell Lead-Sled. Its excellent as a shooting rest, especially for very lively calibres when you want to get a precise zero or test ammo. It would also make an excellent maintenance vice as the butt sits snug in a socket rather than rolling around on a cradle. Its the closest I've seen to a dual purpose rock-solid benchrest/maintenance vice. The fore-end sand bag rest just lifts out complete with spigot and elevation wheel. If would be great if a clamping rest was available to drop in instead for maintenance. Don't know if such a thing is available. If not Caldwell should make one.

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    Yeah, misunderstood the OP thought he was talking about the bench, guess that is what speed reading does....

    Apologies to all.

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