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Thread: Buffalo calibre recommendations

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    Buffalo calibre recommendations

    Hello looking for some advice please.
    Hoping to get the opportunity to hunt Buffalo, in Africa in 2011, - I know a long time away, however, I am anticipating a long wait for a rifle, and that is if I can get it passed by my constabulary.

    I already have a .338 win mag, which covers my plains game requirements more than adequately, thus it would realistically a species specific calibre, hence favouring something heavier than a .375.

    Also what would be people's preferences, - a bolt action or a double barrelled rifle?



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    Quite age old arguments, which calibre and bolt vs double. To begin with you will be a client not a PH so in theory you don't need a stopping rifle. 375 has much to recommend it and is what most of the guys on here will advise. With a good 300gr bullet it will do the job most of the time. However you are increasing the chance that the PH will join in the fight which may or may not bother you, plus if you need to follow up you want something a little heavier. If you are hunting in an area with thick cover I would use a 416 minumum and preferably 458 Win/Lott with a proper bullet. If you can afford a double go for it but get plenty of practice before using it for blood, as a double discharge can ruin your whole day.
    Best of luck Matt.

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    PS. Also don't forget the minumun calibre legal requirements for the country you are going to. I would be interested to know where you are going and what outfitter. (need a companion?!!!)

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    There is nothing wrong with the .375 on Buffalo and if you want to go bigger try the .458 lott (less feeding problems if any than the .458wm). Both weapons are excellent dangerous, thick bush rifles.

    On the double issue, try to get as much practice as possible (especially if never hunted with a double before). Min dangerous rifle is a .375 in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.

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    "To begin with you will be a client not a PH so in theory you don't need a stopping rifle".
    If you go with that idea Highlander, you may as well stay at home and I`ll go in your place.
    In my opinion, what ever we raise our rifle/shotgun to it`s our responsibilty to kill that animal/bird quickly and humanley as possible.
    I would love to see the look on a P.H.s face if a client told him "I haven`t brought a stopping rifle because you`ve got one" then again I`d like to hear what the PH said too.
    Doesn`t matter if you go for a double or a bolt action whatever you finances allow, but which ever you go for and whatever calibre you choose,MAKE SURE THE RIFLE FITS YOU and just practise and practise with it, so it`s like an extension of yourself.
    375 is legal limit, I like my 458 which is my choice, it fits and I can shoot it a bit too, but she maybe retiring soon to make way for a new toy, a 500 Jeffery, same make and model of rifle just a different calibre.

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    Perhaps you failed to understand the point, a clients job is not the same as a PH. If a skilled PH gets a client a shot at 70-80 yards surely a good hit with a controllable 375 is better than a 458 or bigger that he is scared of and misses.

    I would also love to see the look on a PH's face when a client botches a shot on a buff cuz some bozo told him to go with a Lott he can't handle rather than a 375 he can.

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    Buff cal?

    Chappie's just after advice , not after a ringside seat at a slanging match, Steve.

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    l'm sure you will take a rifle big enough for the task.

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    be very interested to know what that chrono'ed! bet it lands like a wheelbarrow full of bricks off a scaffold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    be very interested to know what that chrono'ed! bet it lands like a wheelbarrow full of bricks off a scaffold.

    l think you are right Steve!

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