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Thread: Suzuki Vitara Starter problems

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    Suzuki Vitara Starter problems

    My every reliable Vitara is playing up. Been going on for the last few months. When I try to start it often there is a pause and then the engine turns over and starts, other times there is a clicking sound and eventual start. Other times no responce at all but after switching off and re try engine starts. Starter motor has no problem turning over engine and battery is OK.

    Is this a solenoid problem/poor electrical connection and if not what.?

    It's a 2ltr V6 automatic.

    Problem is worse when its been standing a while but there is no consistent pattern, sometimes it starts, sometimes clicks, other times nothing, but to date will start after repeated attempts.

    Next silly question is where is the starter motor located for the life of me I can't find it, I assume it must be hiiden under the exhaust manifold.

    Have tried to google problem no sensible solutions.



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    Sounds very much like a solenoid problem but I'm not 100% sure at that as I've never had a Suzuki Vitara.
    Is there any sort of relay associated with the starter circuit?

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    silly suggestion time but your battery terminals are greased and providing a decent connection, I've only had similar when mine have worked slightly loose

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    Quote Originally Posted by al4x1 View Post
    silly suggestion time but your battery terminals are greased and providing a decent connection, I've only had similar when mine have worked slightly loose
    That makes sense
    Had similar on my old Landrover after a good thump when off road

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    Suzuki sticky starter syndrone.... strip and clean the solenoid (it will be full of crud) spray with WD40 and clean up all the terminals right back to the battery with a wire brush.
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    I have a 2ltr TD Suzuki Grand vitara
    Had a very similar problem at about 90k miles, turned out to be a sticky solenoid.
    Removed the starter unit (not much room but got it out) and give it all a good clean. I took the battery out of the car and tested the starter before and after clean. Has worked fine ever since, now on about 120K

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    I did a big project on starters in Austria last year and had a lot to do with the manufacturer Prestolite and there is really not much to go wrong inside them just some commutator brushes and a reduction gearbox and the test cycle that they have to pass is way over what a normal car undergoes in its lifetime ie 50000 cycles.
    Use normal starter jump cables and bypass the starter solenoid to the battery (make sure the cars gearbox is in neutral and handbrake is activated and if possible have the car 6 inches from a wall to stop any movement) then connect up the battery direct to the starter and it should turn over and start vehicle assuming ignition is on if so you have isolated the problem to the solenoid. Just replace it as its not worth the bother as they are all sealed units nowadays.

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    Many thanks for all the replies and PM.

    I suspect solenoid as I went through some v deep floods durring the back end last year and suspect its got wet and cruddy.

    Will update. Also any idea where its located?


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    The solenoid will be riding piggy back on the starter motor


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