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Thread: DSC L1

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    DSC L1

    I have just applied for my FAC for .22 LR and .17hmr for rabbits and charlie control on the 2 local shoots i have a part time gamekeeper role on, with 5ish other guys. i have got probably 1200 (50 of which is mine)acres of premission for this kind of shooting. i have taken a roe doe last season but have no other stalking experience and am definatley up for some more! i have decided to try and do a DSC L1 before applying for a 243. and maybe 30-06 or 22-250. (partly for the calibres to allow me to do alot more stalking and partly to put another qualification on my bare looking CV ) i am 17 in janruary and just wondering if anybody knew where was the closest place to do it in or around worcestershire? and where can i get a training manual/booky thing to learn all the gubbins needed? cheers x

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    dsc l1

    Hi teddy, Let us know if plod lets you have fox on your 17HMR/.22LR . Steve.

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    Hi Teddy,the bds usually run dsc1 coarses from cierencester agg college 3/4 times a year, or castle donnington (david stratton?)runs them from donnington way,depends which part of worcestershire your from.I think you usually get your training manual when you book your coarse date but dont leave it to near the date to book as there is quite a bit to read through good luck Andy

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    DSC L1

    cheers both urm Martley/great witley area and i cant see .17HMR being unreasonable for foxes. keep the rimmy for the bunnies tho.

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    I have fox on my ticket for the 17HMR AND .22LR shot foxs with both all depends on the ground you are on much prefer a bigger cal 22.250 or .243 if i can get away with it.


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    well quite! I saw a very large dog fox about 180-190 yrds away from the pheasant pen i was tending to this morning, very dark towards the back with a hell of a brush on him, and rising ground behind him. would have been a hell of a shot but i was only armed with the binos that happened to have been kicking about in the landy.

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    i have 22lr for fox control on my fac but have never shot one with it

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    Just goes to show how the law of the land isn't

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    Hornady put out a press release not long after the 17HMR was brought out stating that it was designed for small varmints. It is not up to fox, listen to the guys who designed the caliber they will know more than anybody else.

    Now awaiting incoming for all those that have shot fox with a 17HMR or even a 177 air rifle, while not doubting it can be done, it is not the right tool for the job.

    Best rgds


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    still can't get my head around this, when it's no under the H.O. guidlines for fox with either .22LR or 17HMR.

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