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Thread: Dsc1 bursary up date

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    Dsc1 bursary up date

    Hey guys just an update. Well tomorrow is my 1st day at the BASC dsc1.I just hope that i have done my bit with the studying and my brain can remember all the info that i need. Will let use all know how i get on tomorrow.

    I would just like to thank everyone from the stalking directory that has made this opportunity avaliable and i am very grateful. So thanks guys

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    As a general ( but usually accurate ) rule of thumb, if you are at all 'fretting' that you've done enough homework - it can only mean you have!

    Invariably it is the ones who are completely 'laid back' that get a shock.

    You'll very likely find the actual course just helps everything click.

    Nerves never really vanish, but its 99.9% certain you will actually have a good time - though often it only hits home after the event.

    ​Good luck.
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    Good luck I am sure you will be ok. As said enjoy the course and let us know how it goes for you.
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    Well guys thats the 2 study days finished now. I am feeling a little bit more confident so hopefuly tomorrow will be ok. Fingers crossed lol. The course has been great met a great bunch of guys and the instuctors have been brilliant aswell. Realy explaning things for me. Realy couldnt ask for more

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    Well done, nearly there,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Well thats it finaly all over thank god lol. Well today was not actulay as bad as what i thought it was going to be like. We sat the visual test 1st which went ok was only a couple that i wasnt sure of then the actual test that also went fine and again only a couple of questions i wasnt sure about then the hygien test well there was more than a couple lol but i got there in the end . Then it was onto the shooting test and i can say i was s******g myself for that part. But ended up doing ok so all in all it was a good day hopefuly with a great outcome. I would just like to thank all the guys involved for hiving me this great opportunity.

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