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Thread: Leupold varie X-III 1.5-5 x 20

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    Leupold varie X-III 1.5-5 x 20


    I am selling a Leupold varieX-III 1.5-5X20 Goldring scope, has a few scratches on the tube but the glass/optics are perfect.This scope has only had light use(2 trips a year in South Africa).The scope was brought new about 8 years ago, dont have the box or lens caps only the manual I am afraid. Heavy duplex recticle.
    Please Pm me if you want pictures or questions as I have no idea how to put pics on the forum!!

    Am looking for say 100 + postage.I am in the West London/Middlesex area if any wants to view.


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    Stephen, I might be interested in this but you had better put the price that you are looking for on the website or you will be accused of starting a Dutch auction. Also, is the reticule the fine duplex or the heavy one please? Best wishes, JC

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    Hi JC,

    Its a heavy duplex.

    I have emended my original post regarding a price, thanks for the heads up on that.


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    Sako85 you have a pm.
    The scopes is yours if you want it. I will email you some pics if you pm me a email.


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    Hi Stephen, Thanks for putting a price up, looks like Sako 85 has beat me to it but if that falls through let me know as I would be keen to take it. Best wishes, JC

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