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Thread: Hello from Joe West Riflestocks

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    Hello from Joe West Riflestocks

    Hi Everybody

    Joe West Riflestocks is a stock making company based in Norfolk. We produce a huge variety of stocks for all firearms and shortly, air rifles and shotguns. Our stock styles have been developed in collaboration with some of the leading shooters and riflesmiths in the country and we make stocks for everything from historical arms right up to the latest ultra-modern F-Class stocks. We often have stocks for popular rifles available off the shelf. We mainly work in laminate, but can produce stocks in almost any hardwood, and we can offer recommendations based on our three generations of woodworking experience.

    We are able to create replica stocks from broken or damaged specimens and we can also help you to create a fully custom item at reasonable cost. We carry enough raw materials at any one time to make upwards of 500 rifle stocks. Prices start from 250.

    Due to massive demand we have just finished work on stocks for the Steyr ProHunter and these are available to order now. Pictures of these stocks will be up on the forum in the next couple of days.

    Hope to see many of you at the CLA and Midland game fairs where we will be exhibiting.

    ​Please take a few minutes to browse Joe West Riflestocks and don't hesitate to get in touch through the forum or via email or phone 07788535673 / 07770710331

    Joe and Simon (dorg) West

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    Hi Joe, Simon, welcome to the forum, look forward to more information and pictures of what you have to offer, was good to speak to you simon in person earlier today, sounds like you have a major stock making venture going on, keep up the good work, Dean

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    Welcome, hoping to contact you in near future to finish ordering a few stocks. It was very nice changing emails with you and see you also ship abroad.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    good to hear that wooden stocks are spiralling upwards in demand, perhaps signalling the demise of plastic (fingers crossed!).

    what finishing and checkering options do you offer? also curious if your stocks are for microfitting, if not what are your tolerances for fit against original action design?

    best wishes in your endeavour :-)


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    We are finding especially in the target shooting world laminated stocks are making a real come back, The main finishes we offer are our own oil/lacquer finish or high gloss lacquer, we will be offering laser checkering in the near future. Our stocks are aimed to sit between boyds and richards microfit and the high end stocks made by people like Edna Walsh and Gary Cane. Our stocks may need very little fitting and in most cases have our factory actions dropped in to check fit.There are people on this forum who can do hand checkering and tradition oil finishes and could do this to finish our stocks if required.

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