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    pulsar n750

    Hi guys, just wondering if any of you guys have used the pulsar N750 digital scope and can you please post your views on it, how good it is as in- how clear on its own without the night master 800IR and with it and is it as good as the gen 2 units, thinking about getting one but before I spend over a grand was needing to see what the results are, cheers guys mal

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    What do you want to use it for. Distance quarry and stuff like that.
    I have one and for what I'm doing foxing it is good. But the weather and picture quality go hand in hand.
    As a day scope they are crap crap and should not be classed as one.

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    I'm assuming you're after a foxing sight...Pros and Cons? Yes, lots (both). Not a panacea for all ills or bad field craft.
    The NM800IR is (IMO and I'll stand by it) a requirement for foxing unless you're within a few miles of a town as the internal one's ok for close in but get beyond 150yards and it's pathetic. We're on the far side of middle of no where and the nearest town is ~15 miles away over a hill.
    The internal IR will let you see a fox sized target at ~130yards ok in good light (est 150mLux, cloud but moonlit).

    Be aware that close in grass and reeds will upset the gain control and black out the targets behind: you need to position yourself.

    Zero? Hmm, jury out but seems ok on mine (22-250) for now. It's on a Picatinny rail: good for swapping to day mode.

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    use mine on a 17hmr for rabbit shooting without needing the nm800ir can see and shoot out to 100yrds without any problem, a see way beyond that. have shot in misty damp weather and it can play havoc with your sight picture, but if you then switch to a lamp and try to carry on youll find you can still shoot better with the n750.. I do have the nm800 and will try it if I feel I need more ir but fore now ,well happy with it
    only thing that takes a bit to get used to is the hight above the stock that the scope fits, its not so bad if shooting from a rest but free standing it a right pain in the neck .I zeroed my in day light "evening time" and it was easy to set up and has held true till now.
    I have not used gen2 so cant compare them, but gen1+ is way way way behind the n750 in picture quality.
    hope this helps

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