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Thread: Range Trip This Evening

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    Range Trip This Evening

    We poured concrete and put up new shooting pavillions on the little 100 yard range I used to manage !
    Finally got them finished after about 8 weeks !

    And the five rifles I carreid with me !
    Three 444's a 25-06 and a 243 !

    My wife's 25-06 !

    My Mannlicher Schoenauer 243 from about 1963 !

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    looking good mate . regards derek

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    Very smart indeed.

    Nice to see some rifles that have the bolt on the "right" side.

    ​fraser (another leftie)

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    Now you need to build some rifle racks!
    Nice facility. Our rural range's "shooting shed" got leveled by a tornado a couple of years back and no-one has felt like rebuilding it! I think it was just two months ago we burned the remnants of it during a range clean up!~Muir

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    Looks good 6pt!

    Muir, nice to know not everything moves at light speed in the good ol' US of A.


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    Nice looking pick up 6pt

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    What a sweet set up.
    I think every council in UK should be given lottery funding for range facilities like yours.

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    ranges look very nice feller you will enjoy your outings there ,but please make some rifle racks so as not to have to look at damaged toys if crap happens ,well done to all nice job .

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    +1 for the rifle racks(thought I was just being a grumpy old sod until I read other peoples comments!)

    But what a lovely looking place you have there!Top job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy7mm View Post
    Nice looking pick up 6pt

    Thanks , but that trucks 13 years old and has about 150,000 miles .

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