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Thread: Any suggestions please

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    Any suggestions please

    last week I had some rides opened and while we were at it created a glade in the centre of a wood about 30m square on the intersection of two deer paths where the trees weren't too dense and there was quite a bit of grass already,
    To make it more attractive I was thinking of planting the periphery with deer friendly trees/plants /shrubs, apart from willow which I know is always a good bet for deer im not sure what else I heard wild roses are quite attractive too ? any suggestions would be much appreciated. DF

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    Apple/crab-apple trees, if there is enough light for them to grow.


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    Chicory all ways seems to attract deer

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    I know that roe will go wild for roses!

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    Whatever you pant you will need to clear the ground round it to eliminate competition from long grass etc, cut an old carpet into squares and fit it round the bottom. You will also need to protect it for the first while or bucks will thrash it to bits.
    Ivy is another good plant.

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    Perennial Chicoree Puma 11.

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