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Thread: Expanding ammo

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    Expanding ammo

    I was in a gun shop last week with a friend of mine, he has decided to start reloading so wanted some bullets (bullet heads, if you're that way inclined). He had also run out of rounds (bullets, if you're that way inclined) so wanted to buy some of those too. Now, he left the shop with 130 bullets for reloading and 20 rounds for shooting until he's made some. His allowance to buy is 100. He's allowed to hold 200, so is ok himself but should the shop have sold him the bullets (heads) without putting them on his ticket?? They were Nosler ballistic tips so expanding ammo.

    I thought it was only target ammo that didn't need to be on your ticket?
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    round here they give you the option of writing them on or don't bother but at a guess they shouldn't have sold him over 100 with only a 100 purchase allowance as they all count as expanding whether loaded or not for holding purposes

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    No is the simple answer!

    ​on the other hand he could have bought 100, left the shop then gone back for the rest!

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    That is an interesting point, if you are limited to 100 rounds per transaction could you by way of example purchase 1 lot with your credit card and then purchase a 2nd lot by debit card, cash etc.? Presuming of course that you are not going over your total allowance .

    Is this yet another example of the nonsense S1 controls that mature, law abiding adults are expected to tolerate?

    atb Tim

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