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Thread: multiple cubs

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    multiple cubs

    was out last night.
    Shot a dog and left him sitting in the hope that some others might come back to the den path.

    Vixen turned up but didnt present a shot and then holed up for a while, about 30 mins later two cubs came bowling out in rough and tumble style.
    I shot one when it presented itself but there was absolutely no way I was getting the other cub. shot of in one direction then shot back towards the den.

    pretty sure he is now going to be one tricky SOB to pin down

    not had many opportunities at cubs but those that shoot multiples are these things standing around whilst you pick them off or are you having to wait seriously long periods to get them?

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    I've encountered multiples twice this year.

    First time, the second vanished after I hit the first and it took over a month to get.

    Second time, the second acted as if nothing had happened at all - carried on nosing around in the grass 2 feet from the corpse of its litter mate until I took the second shot.

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    I've not even seen a cub yet this year but over the years have had up to 5 in one go, getting the vixen is a big help and also a fair bit depends on how old they are, it seems the younger they are the easier as well as if you have shot the vixen and they are in the hole and you have a clear shot they tend to just keep appearing. I have had the GWP grab a couple that were making a bunk for the hole but that was when walking round with the shotgun checking for inhabitants. Get them above ground and get between them and the hole and they seem to run at you something thats not a good idea with my shooting companion

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    Still no cubs here!
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    5 for 5 @ 200m, 6.5 x 47l

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    Shot 3 cubs in less than 4 mins last week all came charging in to the caller , then bagged the vixen the next night . The cubs were
    a good size

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    Best I did was the vixen and 5 cubs out of a stack of old bales a few years back.
    Shot her first and then the cubs as they showed themselves not picking anything up until the light gave out.
    ​Happy days

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    In my experience if its going to be easy it will be really easy and the others just hang around and let you shoot them. If they run after the first shot then they often seem to stay underground until and adult appears. I have ewaited upto 3 hours with out seeing another cub surface even when I know they are there

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    I've had all the possible variations - from the other cubs clearing off at the first shot, to them being relatively unconcerned.

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    I shot all my cubs a few weeks ago but waited for the vixen to present a shot after she was down all the cubs went in but one by one returned to mum who i left lying i only missed one and went back for it the next night indy my bavarian walked towards the den and i followed alongside but further out in the field this cub came bounding in thinking indy was mum and i cleaned that one up also.
    my last set of cubs where abit more tricky as the whole family where raiding the free range chickens dad would get into the pen and pass chickens to cubs which were being chaperoned by mum on the otherside.
    again mum first then cubs but one got away as did dad. I didnt catch up with them for a few days but it came back looking for chickens but without dad and i have not got him as yet dad that is, atb wayne
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