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Thread: 09 ford ranger

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    09 ford ranger

    Just bought an 09 ford ranger 2.5 double cab with the 6 speed box. Anyone run one and any feed back.
    happy so far but just wondering if anyone had had one or has one and how they got on

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    I have an 07 ranger with the same engine but 5 speed box. Single cab with tipper/dropside back. Very useful for me on the farm; can collect dumpy bags of feed or fertiliser. I put a steinbauer chip on it which is remote controlled from the cab on/off. Fuel consumption and drivability is better with the chip switched on. The chip can also be adjusted but is doing fine on the low setting.Normally does 30 mpg but pulling a triaxle livestock trailer with 16 red hinds in will be down to 18-21 mpg. So far so good.

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    My mate got the 3.2 wildtrak, its a cracking pickup, best ive ever been in, mate said its doing 26 mph at the mo, he dont hang around so I wouldnt expect the mpg to be good

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    My mate got the 3.2 wildtrak, its a cracking pickup, best ive ever been in, mate said its doing 26 mph at the mo,
    Mine's got the old Mazda lump in it, still manages 80 mph +

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    2p worth
    i run a 3lt 08 wildtrack, cracking motor. i used to have nissans and now i will not go back (pierred on here has had a kit fitted) think he gets 40+mpg that may help with the fuel and econ so worth a pm ,hope he is ok with me informing you about this but mine do's 32 on a run with my size 10's and 28ish round town driven under 60 mph expect to get nr 500 miles i get 470 with a topped off full neck tank ,the heated seats are cracking on a cold foxin night, but that bell ring on key is a pain and the blue lights under the wing mirrows wish i could switch off the key bell on door opening but thats about the only downside i found so far done 60k plus. point to watch out for remember to switch off the dif lock thing or you may blow it up, read the book on 4x4 use oh and get the belts done at 70k not cheap and find a good mech to keep up on services or d.i.y

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    My mate said he did 118mph in it the other day

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    I haven't had the chance to properly drive it yet as I am away. However wife took it to her work yesterday and said she got ninety out it and no strange noises. I am just hoping it is still there when I get home.
    it is on standard ranger alloys, any idea what at or mt tyres fit.
    will be used on the farm, for commuting and shooting.
    also needs canopy as my lab refuses to go in the dog box

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    get a cheap set of nissan steels from the scrapyard @ 15" any nissan/maverick has the same as the stud patten and will fit the same as the ranger and put a set of at's on them , pitty you live so far away as i have a set of steels and bolts down this way no needed any longer also the wild track has 17" al's so the speedo is out around 10mph reads high and is not incorrect it was made with 15" and ford never sorted out this even with putting 16" then 17's on l'am selling a full lockabl armerdillo and deck off my wildtrack as i have fitted truckman back on mine,i'v seen lots of the i4 shell type on gumtree but again down this way.
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    Change my 07 plate ford ranger thunder for the new ranger limited 3.2 I can't knock the old ranger loved it.
    i towed a 16 ft Ifor Williams trailer with 2.5 ton on all the way to Italy with no hassle I did more miles it that truck than I did in my car. The only thing I would say is the brakes took some getting used to in the wet(for me any way) mine only had 5 gears would have been better with 6.
    the tyres I had on it were Bridgestone and seemed to get around ok.
    love the trucks

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    One thing I just rembered that used to happen with my was it made a funny squeak on the front suspension when on full lock usually when in reverse. Went and saw the chap at the garage in the ullage and told him and he said yes I know what that is and came back with some copper grease and put it on the steering stop (bolt) after that every now and then a bit of grease and that was sorted.

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