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Thread: Norma or Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silver Tip??

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    Norma or Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silver Tip??

    I find myself forced into using a different type of factory ammunition and would value your collective opinion. I shoot a .30-06 and use a standard 150gr load against roe, sika and red. I have used Sako ammo to date but I have recently moved house and it is too difficult to get hold of.

    My local gun shop has both Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silver Tip and Norma Ballistic Tip in 150 gr - does anyone have experience of these rounds and what would be your collective council on which to use?

    Thanks for your help in advance!

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    Hi Tanker,

    I recently switched to Nosler BT's in my 308 and it is very accurate and high quality round, and has really brought the best out of my rifle. I was on Federal Classic which was fine, but I always suspected I could get better performance and this was certainly the case with the Noslers.

    The downside? £27 a box compare to £19! Also I occasionally hear that they can be over expansive and destructive but so far I have not found this to be the case. I took a doe the other day and the damage was not excessive IMO, normal exit wound etc.

    I have used Silvertips in 223 and they are a good quality round, but these were obviously a fox/hare/crow round and very explosive. Never used them in deer legal format.

    Best regards,


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    I use combined technologies (Nosler/Winchester) 115grn ballistic silver tips in 25-06 having loaded them myself.
    I find them good on Roe, Sika and the 85grn on foxes, not to much carcass damage, and good on the vulpine.

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