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Thread: A little confused..

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    A little confused..

    On one of the permissions i have to shoot on they planted a plot of 2,000 Christmas trees. They put a fence up but only 2ft high to keep rabbits and hares out and i was asked to keep an eye on it for deer damage and shoot anything i saw on the plot.

    Its not been a year since they were planted and said plants are about 6" high and no sign of a deer having been in the flot let alone any damage..

    Now this is obviously good news but just cant quite work out why the Roe arnt on there? I have shot them on the surrounding fields and they are often lying up in the cover crop right alongside the plantation..


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    Have a big xmas tree plantation next to one of my permissions there is always Fallow and Muntjac in there they have sustained some horrible injuries while jumping in and out of it. I have permission to shoot any that are on the boundary edge it seems to act as a reserve for them they feel safe and warm in there but likewise there has been no obvious damage and no complaints from the grower-farmer so for me its a good bit of holding ground. Sure others might have a different story.
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    Im sure you will find them lying up there when the weather takes a turn for the worse
    ​atb Steve

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    you'd think it would depend on what the feeding is like around the plot, If the plot is in Sunny, Fertile Suffolk you'd have to think the browsing around about is pretty good, would you be eating Norway spruce (I'm assuming that is the species) if there was better browsing to be had?

    That said, keep an eye on it especially if you get a few inches of snow as the trees will poke out of the top invitingly

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    I see what you all mean, i guess at only 6" tall they have a bit more growing before they are tall enough to really hold deer. There is so much growth and cover everywhere they dont have to work hard for food or leave the cover to get it. I guess ill just have to wait and see..


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