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Thread: Fastest deer legal cartridge?

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    Fastest deer legal cartridge?

    Evening chaps
    I was just wondering what the fastest deer legal (.240+) cartridge?


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    .30-378 Wby. Mag 3500fps ?

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    If fast is your want and you require a Bullet suitable for Deer as opposed to Vermin to be delivered at those speeds then how about a .257 Weatherby Magnum?
    An 80 Grain ttsx Bullet at 3858fps. This is a proper controlled expansion Bullet too.
    If you need a 100 Grain Bullet for Scotland a 100 Grain tsx at 3596fps.
    This from Barnes own Data in a 24 inch Barrel.
    Standard Magnum Bolt Face and readily available Brass and Dies etc. Well, as much as anything is available these Days .


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    Yorkie - yes mate that's what i was asking, just too inarticulate TNX

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    If you want 100gr expanding bullet to leave the muzzle at max velocity, you should start by finding the appropriate bullet in largest possible caliber and then sticking it on top of the biggest case possible.

    Try e.g. one of these 30cal 100-110gr bullets:

    GS CUSTOM BULLETS - Specifications for use

    30 CAL .308 110 GR TTSX FB | Barnes Bullets

    Even 308 Win can drive 100gr bullet over 3400fps (24" barrel, Vihtavuori data) after that it's diminishing returns. 30-378 and 300 RUM should be able to break the 4000fps limit.

    If you don't care about the muzzle velocity but want downrange performance instead, I'd say you have to specify the max distance and try to minimize the time of flight to that distance. Given the distance is long enough the 6.5mm and 7mm offerings start to trump the light 30cal. For example at 300m the 264 Win Mag shooting 100gr TTSX will outperform the big 30cals shooting 110gr TTSX.

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    The .264 Winchester Magnum ballistics used to be :- 100 grain factory load at 3700 FPS M/vel. with 2640 foot/pounds of energy.
    The 200 yard mid-range trajectory was +1.6 inches.


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    But throat erosion in the chamber area will be bad, after how many shots?
    You will not get 3-4K barrel life out of it.

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    In excess of 3600 fps, 100 grain HP, from a 7mm W.S.M. is pretty spectacular, I wouldn't want to shoot too many of them though, re barreling can be fairly costly!
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    6mm Mach 4 would fit the bill with velocities over 4000fps. Basically a 7mm rem mag necked down to 6mm. Mono metal bullets only as the lead core variety come to bits. Barrel life wouldn't be good, probably 5-600 rounds !!

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