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    After chatting to wayne davies over the past few months about various subjects the conversation came around to muntjak with myself saying how i had never shot an antlered buck.

    The next thing i knew was a kind invitation from wayne had me sat in the truck and heading up the M5 for a couple of days on the munties.
    I arrived at waynes fifteen minutes later than planned due to traffic jams and road works and that was despite leaving three hours earlier than the suggested journey time.

    After a quick hello we headed straight off to our first port of call which was a highseat in the corner of a wood that overlooked a well used crossing point while waynes mate andy went further down the valley.
    Getting set up we were all a bit concerned about the wind that was starting to get quite blustery and we were soon to be proven right with a no show for us both.
    Back at waynes we were soon tucking into a nice chinese meal washed down with a few beers whilst swapping stalking tales and the evening just flew by.

    The next morning after an early rise and a quick coffee our hopes were high as we were going to a patch of wood that the forestry had cut some new rides in and opened up some nice clearings.
    This particular patch hadnt been shot before so wayne didnt know what to expect but with slots everywhere and plenty of sighns things were looking good.
    The weather however was worsening by the minute with the wind getting really strong and after a couple of hours in the seat wayne decided to get max his deer dog and go for a leisurely stalk.
    Working our way up the ride max was soon winding deer when wayne spotted some movement from a mature doe between some branches on a slight slope.
    With my rifle at the ready a fawn also came into view and after a quick chat we were both in agreement that although the fawn was big enough to fend for itself we would leave them be and let them go on there way.
    Moving further on up the ride wayne caught a brief glimpse of a buck, but it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared and went back into the dense cover and was lost from view.

    That evening after a joint decision saw us back at the same spot as we had both agreed it would give us our best chance of success particulary since we had came across a nice clearing on a ridge with good all around visibility.
    The weather though had other ideas and we were greeted on our arrival with heavy rain and gusting winds and i think deep down we both new it was going to be a struggle, but hey we were here now and not going to be give up just yet.
    The rain stopped and we were soon off up the ride with max on point and quickly reached our chosen spot with max winding the odd deer on the way.

    Sitting still with the leaves falling and tree branches breaking wayne caught site of a munty moving along the summit of a partly wooded ridge but with the conditions as they were he was reluctant to leave the safety of the wood and to be honest i didnt blame him
    Walking back to the truck and as if to add insult to injury an unseen munty barked us a string of fairewells from deep within the safety of the cover and i am sure he was trying to say munties 3 stalkers 0

    To summarize the weekend ! a disaster i dont think
    i learnt loads, saw some lovely countryside and had some great company to boot and i would like to take this opportunity to thank wayne and his family for welcoming me into there home and making my stay very enjoyable.

    With stalkers out there like wayne davies with his professional informative yet easy going manner it can only be for the good of our sport and a lot of people could do worse than to follow his lead.

    Once again thanks wayne for a brilliant couple of days and i hope i can return the favour one day on some somerset roe bucks.
    a very appreciative


    And quick note to the hereford munties keep you witts about you as when the weather conditions are a bit more in our favour

    I`ll BE BACK

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    A good weekend all round,nice one wayne.


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    Good read Rick.
    I can keep my best munty recipes to myself for a bit longer now.
    Glad the weather didn`t spoil the weekend for you.

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    Nice write up Rick,well done Wayne 8)

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