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Thread: Remi 700 mag

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    Remi 700 mag

    I've got a remi 700 in 7 mm rem mag. and I was wondering if you can get a detachable magazine for them. Prefibly a 5 shot?

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    There are various companies that do replacement bottom metal for Remmy 700's. Most use the AI mags. I think Badger do one. Anglo Custom also used to and may still.

    I had one on the same rifle in the same calibre. It worked well and fed relreliabley.



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    Over the years I had a pair of Remington factory guns that left the factory with detachable magazines !

    Both were 700BDL stainless synthetics one in 260 REM and the other in 25-06 .

    I have a friend that has one like the ones I had but his is in 300 WIN MAG . He also took a blued BDL 25-06 and made it into a detachable mag .

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    A Mag called a Kwik Klip is available in the States. I got one for my Rem 25-06. It works fine for the money and according to the manufacturer it will feed 7mm Rem Mag. I got mine whwn things were easier to get out of the States. Cabelas sell them and they offer a 4 and 10 shot mag.


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