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Thread: Work on the shoot

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    Work on the shoot

    What are the keepers or helpers upto on shoots at the moment .
    i am making pen sections for partridge pens ,rides mown ,and a new phezy pen gate made .
    three cover crops of late mix to go in tomorrow when it's dried out a bit more .
    What u doing then guys ?

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    had a walk round the pen last week with the keeper,
    gave him permission to buy some wire and staples
    he was going to bring them from home
    work party next week should get everything ready for the birds coming.

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    rearing and snaring
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    I would normally still be doing a bit of trapping,a lot of snaring,shooting a lot of cocker rabbits and tending to any greys I'd hatched off under the bantams on the garden.

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    cocker rabbits ? is that what they are called your way this way we call them jons
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    Yes mate
    ​Lovely in the pan after an early morning with a couple of rashers of bacon

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    try a 3/4 grown bunny dipped in flour and sorteied with wild garlic and topped with a little brown sugar

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    Oh I may have to give that a try .Nice one cheers

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    Partridge pens erected last week, pheasant pens extended and ready for 10,000 pheasants and 2,000 partridges.

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    I've had poults now for a fortnight and believe it or not, dogged the first lot back yesterday morning!
    Otherwise, I'm getting pens ready for next week, got fifty acres of maize to spray, got one poxy shed to build for some late partridge chicks (aiming to release them after forage maize is cut), got feed rides to top, hoppers to line out ready for wheat, 75 new hoppers to build and a load of maintenance stuff. My Polaris needs warranty work doing, my tractor needs a spring clean and my feed trailer needs renovating (I refuse to bag up wheat so run it into a half ton trailer and then bucket it into the hoppers all with a spinner mounted on top )

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