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Thread: BDS Problems ?

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    BDS Problems ?

    Any one have any problems buying anything / books off the BDS website ?

    I added a few to basket, entered all my details and when I clicked next I got taken back to the empty basket screen and it says my basket is empty

    Not sure whether to do it all again, didn't get to the stage of entering my card details

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    Have tried again, wont let you through to the checkout page

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    Try and contact them Lloyd.
    I e-mailed someone last week there on an unrelated matter and he got back to me within the day

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    My brother had this trouble when trying to buy a book I wanted for Christmas. He gave up and sent them a message. Whilst waiting for the reply he found the book in the USA, ordered and paid for it online and had received it before he got a call from BDS responding to his difficulties with their online shop...

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    I have always had 'next day' service when buying from BDS... Give them a call.

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    To be fair to them I received an email yesterday stating that the problem SHOULD now be resolved (Haven't retried yet) but if it doesn't work the woman gave me her direct number to call so I could order over the phone, so I can't complain about that

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