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Thread: What has caused this damage?

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    What has caused this damage?

    We were doing some repairs to release pens this morning when we found that several trees had been attacked in one wood and bark stripped from around their base to a height of about 10". Only beech trees had been damaged. I found one area had been stripped about 5 feet up the trunk on one tree (see photo).
    I was with 1/2 dozen farmers with a wealth of knowledge but no-one was certain what animal had caused the damage or had seen it before.
    Having done some research on the internet it would seem that squirrels were the culprits. Would anyone confirm or otherwise please?
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    Until I saw the higher damage I would have said almost certainly rabbits or hares(possibly sheep if they had got into where the trees are) but with the higher damage the logical answer would point towards squirrels

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    The stripped bark is left on the ground so I think the squirrels have been after the sweet sap filled layer beneath the bark.

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    No doubt, grey squirrel.
    Walk little- look often .

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    Another vote for squirrels.

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    A rat with a ponzed up tail

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    A duckdoo
    Surely not they only "Quack Quack" !

    Tree rat for sure.

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