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Thread: American rifles

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    American rifles

    Of the American rifles what are the high end brands, ie quality, capability and finish.

    It is often easier to see when looking at European guns as they seem to market their top of the range rifles all the time,

    When i see American guns advertised it always seem to be the budget stuff that comes with a scope, bipod and mounts.

    What is at the top, middle and lower end?

    All help appreciated

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    Remington and Savage now make pretty much on all three levels PRICE WISE !

    Cooper I think is pretty much top of the line across the board .

    Ruger I would say makes lower and middle of the road price wise .

    Weatherby is kinda all three I think .

    Browning is all three .

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    The Kimber line is alleged to be higher end and shoot well.........


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    On Friday last I bought a Kimber 84M Classic in .308.

    Haven't had time to zero it even yet. It is a lovely elegant, balanced and light rifle in the hand though. Will Click image for larger version. 

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    I'd add Dakota Arms and the Montana Rifle Co. and also suggest Doug Turnbull's creations, but I'm sure there are more.

    BTW, Browning, IMO, is properly-speaking a European (Belgian) rather than an American company, regardless of the nationality of its founder.

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    H-S Precision, very, very good.

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    American market differs from Europe.

    At least in technical aspects, higher end seems to be various custom rifle builders, the cost is $2k-$4k in most builds and you get to choose the parts.

    So the factory rifles are in many aspects treated as starting points, there's huge amount of aftermarket accessories etc. This goes for e.g. cars as well (compare a Jeep and Land Rover).

    But the custom market is more geared towards average people, you get absolutely top notch equipment for the fraction of a price, say, H&H or Rigby.

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    +1 for Dakota , H S and Cooper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trucraft View Post
    +1 for Dakota , H S and Cooper.
    x2 I'd also add Darcy Echols , though he is a custom rifle maker, and Melvin Forbes Ultra Light Arms. Both men make excellent rifles. The rifles are spartan in the extreme to look at , but are totally reliable , accurate and especially in the case of Darcy Echols rifles , a rifle you can stake your life on. I've shot 2 over the years, both owned by professional guides who spent alot of time chasing big coastal browns and interior grizzlies, his rifles are highly thought of by most people who stake their lives on the rifle they carry. Just one mans opinion. I also have a thing for the Dakota Model 10 Single Shot..... in something big with a rimmed cartridge. Maybe this year if I can afford it ( not the rifle, the divorce lawyer I'll need when I bring home a rifle with that many zeroes in it lol )


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