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Thread: Anschutz Thumbhole stock

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    Anschutz Thumbhole stock

    Does anyone know where I could get a Thumbhole stock that would fit a .22WMR 1522 Anschutz?
    Or would one from another model suit?

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    Have a word with RUAG Amotec. They are Anschitz importers but source the thumbhole stocks over here. 01579 362319

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    thanks for that

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    I got mine through UK Custom shop near Droitwhich.

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    We can make you one, probably be a bit cheaper too.

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    The original thumbhole stocks for Anschutz were made by Custom Stock of Sheffield, but now Asnchutz have their own design (RH only though).

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    Can you do one in Walnut or Beech, Oiled finish and chequering on the forend & pistol grip?

    What would be the turnaround time?

    Would you require my Rifle?

    Please note:
    The 1522 is a 54 action as opposed to the 1515/1516 64 action ( I dont know if this would make a difference or not)

    Any Idea of Price?

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