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Thread: Roe buck venison during the rut

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    Roe buck venison during the rut

    Just requesting some advise please:
    Is it true that Roe buck meat will be inedible during the rutting period?

    I have been asked NOT to shoot any Roe bucks on one of my bits of grounds from the middle of July to the end of August, on the basis that the meat is not great to eat. Now, I can always keep any venison for myself, don't sell any, and don't pay for my stalking, and there is no trophy hunting on my land at all, so I am happy to oblige: The bucks will still be there later in the Summer.

    Nevertheless I would like to find out if this is true or false.
    Thank you

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    Erik while i would not eat one of the larger deer while they are in the full state of rutting .Roe deer bucks do not suffer the same and i have eaten many at that time of year with no real difference. Old bucks still tough as old boots but that is the same whenever they are shot.
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