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Thread: what spotting scope? (for range work)

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    what spotting scope? (for range work)

    Slightly off topic, but indirectly related to stalking...

    For those that shot on ranges for zero, practice or even competition, what spotting scope do you use?

    I've recently joined a local full-bore club, initially just to give me a place to safely zero and practice, but if I show any competence, I'd like to try my hand at competitions...

    My current spotting scope was purchased solely with the 25-50yard indoor .22 target competition world in mind, and does the job, despit being a 25 jobbie from Aldi...

    Having looked through a few much bigger and better scopes at the weekend while people were doing their MOD range competency tests, I'm considering purchasing one, as I won't always be lucky enough to borrow someone else's on the range...

    What are your experiences with these expensive items?



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    I have an Optolyth 30x75 telescope that I use (similar to this: The advantage is that I can also use it when I'm on the hill in Scotland!

    If you're after a 'proper' spotting scope try one of the birdwatching websites.

    Good Luck!


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    As with all optics, buy the best you can afford

    I used to do a fair amount of fullbore target rifle shooting, so at the time I bought a Kowa TSN820, which seemed to be the most popular choice, it's not particularly cheap, but it's not the most expensive either. At no time have I felt like I spent too much money or that I should have spent more.

    I also do a bit of smallbore too...

    I reckon it's actually more beneficial for smallbore to have a better scope: you NEED a good scope to see .22 sized holes at 100 yards reliably in most conditions, whereas for fullbore you only really need to see a fluorescent spotting disc.

    For fullbore, it helps to have something that allows you to see when the light dims and it helps for seeing the mirage for wind changes, or seeing that your shot is close to the line and that you should challenge for a higher score...

    For general range work, it's useful to be able to see bullet holes at 100 yards.

    You need a good scope stand too: a standard tripod does not work when prone. For fullbore, for team competitions, then you can end up plotting or wind coaching (seated), most people you see have ones made by Ewing, though some of the guys I shoot with have ones by Creedmoor or Ray-vin.

    If you get into target shooting seriously, be warned, a spotting scope can be just a small piece of an expensive puzzle. Having said that, a spotting scope is generally useful.

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