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Thread: Stiller Precision Predator 22- 250

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    Stiller Precision Predator 22- 250

    New 22 -250 built on a Stiller Precision Preadator Action, Shillen Stainless steel select match barrel 1:9 twist 24'' long, number 3 profile, threaded 14x1 with invisible thread cap. Jewell trigger, 20 moa rail. Stiller precision bottom metal (floorplate) fitted into a Bell and Carlson SKU 1000 stock with aluminium bedding block in black with gray spider web which has been converted to an adjustable comb. 3,100.00 plus shipping

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    Hi twg1.

    Who did the adjustable comb conversion on the stock?

    BTTT and good luck with the sale.

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    RFD pal of mine's contact did it, he wont tell me !!! nice work but not cost effective to do i had intended to make a batch of them but when i advertised the stock there was no interest so canned the idea. If the stock is of interest i can split it as i have another stock this can go into.

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    Also willing to split the stock and sell b/action , price depending on what trigger, bottom metal is required.


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    rob did the comb at specialist stocks I can tell as I made the metal work

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    Thats another mystery solved then !

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    end of week nudge , and price reduction now 2850.00

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Badge View Post
    rob did the comb at specialist stocks I can tell as I made the metal work
    Thanks & BTTT.

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