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Thread: Help with dissertation data collection

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    Help with dissertation data collection

    Hi helpful members of the stalking directory, I am currently finishing off my masters at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU, formerly RAC) with a 20,000 word dissertation titled 'The sale of game directly from rural estates: Investigating the feasibility of game processing enterprises on individual rural estates, with a particular emphasis on wild venison'.

    As the title suggests I am researching into wild venison and winged game on rural estate, the process it currently goes through, and whether rural estates (including farms, sporting estates, forestry blocks etc.) can exploit this resource as an additional income by adding value themselves and selling it directly to the end market, effectively cutting out the middle man.

    The project is purely out of interest, but I think will uncover some interesting information that you members could find helpful, such as the cost of setting up a processing plant, throughput of game required, the current and potential markets and marketing possibilities, the necessary food licensing requirements, and landowners views on working together with neighbours, etc.

    I will be writing an article in the alumni magazine on the finished project and hope to get publicity elsewhere, plus I have secured a small scholarship from the college for this dissertation, so I hope to do a reasonable job!

    In order to carry out my research, as well as reviewing literature, I hope to interview a number of game dealers, plus include a few case studies of rural estates who currently shoot a number of wild deer annually. So this is where stalking directory members could be hugely helpful, if you could put me in contact with a rural estate that I could use as a case study. Obviously all data, names, etc. will be completely confidential, and I am ideally looking at the South of England. It would be great to find an estate or two that is currently marketing their game direct, however those who don't would also be a great comparison to study.

    So please do let me know if you can be of help in this area, or with any other input that would be appreciated. Do message me on here, or I can give you my email or number over a message.

    Thanks a lot for reading,

    Eric Parker.

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    Hi Eric,

    I wish you the best of luck with your studies, the subject that you are covering is an interesting one.

    I am afraid that I have lost count of the number of times that I have received requests for information from students (particularly from your college) on similar subjects but I have never once received any feedback and only rarely even received a thank you. I have been interviewed by students who clearly have no knowledge of the subject and I have spent hours filling in poorly worded questionnaires, the results of which will be of no use to anyone.

    Apologies if this sounds harsh but I just wanted to prepare you for the likelihood of a poor response to your request for help.

    Very sorry that those that have gone before you have made your task so much more difficult but it is better that you find this out now rather than the week before your dissertation is due in and you are wondering why few people have responded. I would recommend that you have a back up plan and an alternative method of collecting information.

    Sorry to be negative; again, best of luck.


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    You should talk to Clinton Devon Estates. PM me if you want more details.

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    Thanks Glyn, I understand how you might feel and I'm sorry about that, and obviously I have no knowledge of those before me, I can only do what I can! I have a few contacts to use anyway, however would be great to get a good breadth of resources, but thanks for the heads up.
    Thanks Eric also, I will follow that one up if possible.

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    Try Englefield Estate in Berks, they supply direct to my father in laws butchers locally, they also had a write up in the shooting times

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    Venison Processing

    We run an estate based processing unit, putting through around 200 animals a year if you are interested on more info send me a personal mail and we can take it from there.

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    Thanks Dakaras, will do!

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