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Thread: Hi de hi!

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    Hi de hi!

    My name is Alan.

    I have been a shooter for most of my 59 years and these days I enjoy mainly driven pheasant and partridge shooting, a little clay shooting, some fox shooting and quite a bit of deer stalking.

    I only shoot clays for a bit of fun and game shooting practice these days. I don't really enjoy competitive shooting any longer.

    I have a custom made Chapuis Armes 16 bore side-by-side shotgun for my game shooting and a Browning OU 12 bore for clays. I shoot a .308W Thompson/Center Icon Camo Stainless with a Reflex moderator and a Leupold VXIII 4.5-14x50 LR scope for all of my rifle sport.

    I have also shot partridge and Beceite Ibex on two different shooting trips to Spain and will shortly be going on a management hunt safari in South Africa to hunt plains game and a trophy Bush Buck if one presents itself. I also fancy a Wild Boar stalk abroad sometime in the future.

    I passed DSC1 a couple of years ago and am contemplating whether or not I should go for DSC2.

    I load my own rifle ammo, mostly 150gr Nosler Partition for UK deer but also 180gr Nosler Partition for heavier overseas animals and 125gr Nosler Ballistic Tip for foxes. I'm hoping to get hold of some 110gr Nosler Varmigeddon soon. I use Reloder 15 powder and Federal cases and primers.

    I currently use a pair of Konica Minolta Activa 8x42 D WP Sport binoculars mainly due to their 22mm eye relief - fantastic for spec wearers!
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    Welcome from a northants stalker more than a few of us on here now .
    sure you will find the SD entertaining and informative !

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    welcome. adc19hhg hope you enjoy the forum.

    regards Stephen.

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    Thank you - I have been reading the forum for a while now on and off but thought it time I took the plunge and joined

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    Welcome from another Northants stalker,sounds like your in a league well above me.
    Enjoy the site Wf1

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    Nothing wrong with your league dunc

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    Not really wildfowler1 - I just don't do any smokin' or drinking and it's taken a lifetime to get to the point where I can have and do a few nice things

    I only shoot 4 small driven days on a really friendly shoot and my trip to South Africa has been arranged by my South African boss' family who still live there - so it's SA local prices not tourist prices. As they say, it's who you know....!

    I do think that the price of an evening stalk has rocketed in the last 2-3 years. It was never cheap but considering there are a lot more deer and a lot more people looking to stalk them you'd have thought that competition would force the price down but, in a typically UK kind of way, it has worked in the opposite direction. Wouldn't happen in America...........

    Nice to meet y'all.

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    Where are you roughly in Northants.Wf1

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    East Northants

    I don't bother with having my own ground to shoot over any more - too much hassle. I just do "pay-as-you-go" for my stalking (except for the occasional invite by friends) and I pay for the 4 days at the pheasogs, of course.
    A good friend and I used to buy a couple of days a year on shoots all over England and we've had good (Ripley Castle - great but megabucks) to awful (300 for two missed shots all day) over the years. Its the people that really make a shoot though. We shot over some lovely ground in Suffolk one very cold winter's day but I would rather have shot the miserable git that ran the shoot than any of his pheasants (figuratively speaking, of course) - what a plonker!

    My mate has packed it all in now (found golf and kit cars) so I just mainly do stuff on my own.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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